Pontoon Timeshares

Welcome to what could possibly be the best deal of the Summer!  Have you ever wished that you owned a boat because of how much fun it could be? Or have you ever owned a boat, sold it, and then missed the fun parts?  Now you can have your cake and eat it too!  I have a special deal for this summer that is going to stun you. 

             My name is Ed Klein, and my family and I have run Uncle Ed's on Powers Lake since 1962.  I grew up on this lake, and I can tell you it is great.  It's got something for everyone, crystal clear water, fishing, swimming, cruising, sailing, ,site seeing, you name it! Only 35 feet deep, and lots of bottom structure.  Why is this important? Because it's where you could be this summer!   

The Best of Owning a Boat Without the Hassles!

Just imagine, you pull up to the pier with your family and friends. There's a boat waiting there for you on the pier, all gassed up, ice in the cooler, radio's playing and the sun is bright and high in the sky! You go through a quick tutorial, and then head out on the lake for a relaxing day in the sun! You come back in after your day on the lake, relaxed and ready for the evening! You step off the boat, go through a check out and that's it! Your done till the next time! No covering, gassing the boat up, cleaning the mess, loading it on the trailer, taking it back home; (have you seen how obscene the gas prices have become?) that might take a toll on the wallet, hauling a boat all the way home. Yeesh, who needs it? What great memories these would be; for you, your family and your friends. Did I mention that we've been doing this for our closest friends & guests now for 5 years?

Here's the deal: 

Time ​share Sign Up

You buy so much time at a discounted rate from my rack rates, up to 57%! Yes, more than half off of my normal rates! You pick the package, they start at just $583 for 16 hours of useable time. Do the math, that's only $36.43 per hour! You can't even own a boat for that kind of money, not even a bad used one. The deal gets better if you buy more time. My best deal gets as low as $24.98 per hour! But I only have 15 of these great packages left to sell, I've obviously left out some details, but you can see those in the PDF below. Decide for yourself, just click on the button below and print out the form. Take a look through it, and open your schedule book. Maybe there's some time on the lake for you this summer! See you at the Lake!